Sarah from Fudder dropped by and we had a chat about slow fashion, our new hometown Freiburg and of course our label and the philosophy behind it. Interview


Listen up! Everyone who is interested in knowing more about our brand and the personality behind it, have a look at our latest chit chat with Kelly Ekardt. Kelly is a stylist and designer who has great style sessions, in which she combines selected items of sustainable fashion brands and gives insight behind the labels through her Friday chit chats.

Chit Chat with Kelly Ekardt


We are so excited to share our latest chat with the Kleiderei Radio on Dublap : a conversation⁠ about our label, the values and the story behind it. As well as an insight on the latest challenges we had to face and overcome during the pandemic crisis. ⁠
Check it out :)⁠

Kleiderei Radio Interview


Back in 2017 the lovely Ivi featured us on her Frankfurt lifestyle blog. 
Take a look at the early days of Faix Design.

WTF Ivi Interview